Thursday, November 15, 2007

Podcasting and Pedagogical Concerns

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A discussion on podcasting and some pedagogical concerns or issues for using podcasts in teaching and learning. (N.B. Podcasting can be separated into (1) Audio ONLY, (2) Enhanced - audio with images, URL's inserted, and (3) VODCast or video casts, with audio and video)..

What do you need to podcast?

  • Some sort of digital audio recorder. This may be as simple as your computer (for Windows, it's Sound Recorder or Audacity), for your Macintosh, Garage Band.
  • A good quality microphone. Most good USB microphones will work easily.
  • A relatively quiet place to record.
Just record
  • OK. If you really want a professional podcast, script everything out. If you want to create something that's good, an outline. Unless you are extremely skilled at talking "off the cuff" I wouldn't advise recording without a plan.
  • Think of a podcast as a conversation ... granted, it may be just YOU talking, but talk in conversational modes.
The big decision
  • First, a podcast is a file, a music or audio file. Most audio players can play them. While using iTunes makes it really efficient to organize them, you could use any of a host of MP3 players.
  • You record. Now what. If you want people to "subscribe" to your podcast, it needs to be put on a server. Oh, there are many sites that will "host" your podcast.
Now, remember
  • People can download your podcast ... to their portable MP3 player, their computer IF you give them the URL.
Some references to browse
Some books to browse also
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  • Geoghegan, M. (2005). Podcast solutions: The complete guide to podcasting. Berkeley, CA: Apress.
  • King, K. (2007). Podcasting for teachers: Using a new technology to revolutionize teaching and learning. Charlotte, NC: IAP.
  • Mack, S. (2007). Podcasting bible. Indianapolis, IN: Wiley.

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