Wednesday, January 07, 2009

New Technologies for Teaching and Learning

Students want to learn, they want to be involved (or engaged) in the learning process. They want to take control of their learning. Controlling the pace of learning, using more resources, determining the modality of learning is (or may, at the least) be shifting towards learners, towards instruction. To provide this capability requires a GREAT paradigm shift. The real question is not HOW should we teach, but HOW do they learn? Howard Gardner's Five Minds for the Future is a unique read.

Students use technology so naturally, and with a great deal of ease. They are not LEARNING the technology, they have integrated the technology into their lives. Do we use technology in the same manner? Do we use technology when we teach? Do we let students use technology as they learn?

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Professor P.L. Swarnkar said...

This is pity on our part that we still use 'CHALK & TALK METHOD’ in our class room teaching. Our class rooms should be equipped with multimedia facilities including LCD projectors. Beside oral presentation, the teaching should be supplemented with projection of relevant text, images, animations and interactive modules. This will not only save time but encourage students to listen to teacher and participate in teaching-learning practice.
P.L. Swarnkar

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