Sunday, March 01, 2009

Using and creating my personal web

The New Media Consortium's Horizon Report for 2009 ( has given me a lot to think about. Indicating that the "personal web" is an emerging technology has given me somethings to reflect about ...

  • I've been using delicious to collect and tag/organize url's. ( My network isn't that large, but I've been able to tag, use and re-use URLs. Using the tag-bundle feature, I can group URLs AND use the URLs in other tag-bundles. My taxonomy (tags) is working for me, but what can I do to STANDARDIZE my tag listing?
  • Webnotes allows me to "annotate" web pages, collect them in virtual folders, share them with others, publish the annotated pages. Being a web-based application, I am able to annotate pages from almost any device.
  • I've just started using DIIGO. Similar to Webnotes, Diigo also lets me annotate a web page. Diigo lets me SHARE bookmarks/annotations with others.
  • Twitter. Microblogging. Tagging or #hashmarks.
With all of the possibilities, it's becoming EASIER to use the personal web. Whether for personal research or collaboration, there are many applications available to use. These applications may duplicate functions.

Using delicious, Webnotes, twitter, Google notebooks, and blogger, I am able to find, collect, preserve, share and collaborate. My personal web is here, now.

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emapey said...

Hi David, you can develop a Network in Delicious. As an example, this is my emapey's Network on Delicious. I can share bookmarks with other members. By the way, those members under the College bundle tag are all members of my College 2.0 Ning community

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