Friday, May 29, 2009

Evaluating the Impact of Social Technologies on Teaching and Learning

With the range of social technologies, how does one evaluate or assess the impact the technologies have on teaching and learning?
  • Does the technology itself allow students or participants to interact with others? if so, what is the nature of the interaction? how does one determine the effectiveness of the interaction? does the interaction lead to deeper learning?
  • Does the USE of technology engage students? with other learners? with the content? can this be measured in some way? and, if so, is it the technology itself that is being measured? how does one distinguish between the different levels of technological competency and literacy? do more competent students use technology better?
Do we assess the USE of technology either DIRECTLY? or INDIRECTLY? Direct assessment could include such things as proficiency or abilities with the specific technology. This would help determine SKILL levels, and may indicate KNOWLEDGE acquired and applied. Indirect assessment could include student reflection or more qualitative assessment methods. Do we seek QUALITATIVE or QUANTITATIVE assessments?

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