Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Listing of Networking Technologies

A Listing of Networking Technologies with some comments. It is a listing of the tools/technologies that I have used.
  • Delicious (http://delicious.com) – Save URL’s or bookmarks. Tag bookmarks with user created terms. Organize bookmarks by tags. Web-based. Access URL’s with internet access. Can download saved URL’s or bookmarks. Share URL’s or bookmarks with others in networks or with fans.
  • RSS Readers (http://reader.google.com) – Aggregator of RSS or ATOM feeds. Settings to provide summary of web-based articles, set number of articles in feed, set feed update frequency.
  • YouTube (http://youtube.com) – Create playlist of videos, multiple playlists. Share playlists with others.
  • Ning (http://ning.com) – Social networking site, group discussions forums, moderator/administrator roles, member roles. Focus on creating community or network organized around specific or shared topic.
  • Facebook (http://facebook.com) – Individual pages and group/organization pages. Create groups of “friends.” Various applications for enhancing social connections between friends. Comment on pages or “wall.”
  • Webnotes (http://webnotes.net) – Create annotations on and for web pages. User based annotations, highlights. Create pages and folders around topics. Share page annotations. Create “report” or PDF of webnote page. Web based application with browser extension (Firefox).
  • Google Groups (http://groups.google.com) – Online discussion forums.
  • Twitter (http://twitter.com) – Web-based and smart phone or device based application. Provide 140 character (including spaces) updates to “followers.”
  • TwitPic (http://twitpic.com/) – Web-based and smart phone or device based application to share pictures with Twitter account. Upload pictures, tag pictures, search by tag or keyword.
  • TaskBarn (http://www.taskbarn.com/) – Web-based task management, project management application. Add and assign “tasks” to members, receive and update task status.

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