Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Listing of Other Technologies

A Listing of Other Technologies with some comments. It is a listing of the tools/technologies that I have used. It is difficult to look at these and determine they are SOCIAL, NETWORKING or COLLABORATIVE technologies.

  • Wordle (http://www.wordle.net/) – Web-based application. Creates word “cloud” to visually present concepts using key words.
  • EverNote (http://evernote.com/) – Web based and client based application. Create notes, tag notes, import and export notes. Add images, audio and video recordings to notes. Thin client available for different operating systems, smart phone or mobile phones. Plug in available for Firefox browser. Synchronize accounts.
  • SimplyBox (http://simplybox.com/) – Create annotations of web pages. Thumbnails of web pages with user supplied annotations. Share with individuals.
  • Bubbl.us (http://bubbl.us/) – Online concept mapping web site.
  • TokBox (http://www.tokbox.com/) – Create video and audio messages, email attachments. Need web camera and headset or web camera with integrated microphone.
  • Jing (http://www.jingproject.com/) –Create, share video of screen applications. Client version for local machine, upload to “cloud” and share URL.

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Andrew Marcinek said...

Excellent list here! I blogged about Evernote and use Jing in some of my early blog posts. It is a great way to capture a lesson and to filter web browsing. I hope to employ evernote next year when my students begin their research.

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