Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Listing of Social Technologies

A Listing of Social Technologies with some comments. It is a listing of the tools/technologies that I have used.
  • Ning (http://ning.com) – Social networking site, group discussions forums, moderator/administrator roles, member roles.
  • Facebook (http://facebook.com) – Individual pages and group/organization pages. Create groups of “friends.” Various applications for enhancing social connections between friends. Upload and share photo albums, tag pictures in photo albums for easy of search.
  • Google Groups (http://groups.google.com) – Online discussion forums.
  • Blogger (http://www.blogger.com) – Blogging software site. Create and publish blogs online. Create collaborative blogs, create blog specific roles based on user.
  • Tagging (http://delicious.com) – Save URL’s or bookmarks. Tag bookmarks with user created terms. Organize bookmarks by tags. Web-based. Access URL’s with internet access. Can download saved URL’s or bookmarks.
  • Twitter (http://twitter.com) – Web-based and smart phone or device based application. Provide 140 character (including spaces) updates to “followers.”
  • TwitPic (http://twitpic.com/) – Web-based and smart phone or device based application to share pictures with Twitter account. Upload pictures, tag pictures, search by tag or keyword.
  • Friendfeed (http://friendfeed.com) – Aggregator for Twitter and delicious. Provides single point or single stream of feeds/updates from twitter and delicious.
  • TinyChat (http://www.tinychat.com/) – Web-based chat client.

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