Saturday, July 11, 2009

Rethinking Technology and Effective Technology Leadership

Effective technology leadership promotes growth. Promoting growth involves providing access. Providing access allows learning anywhere, anytime and anyplace.
  • Effective technology is technology that can improve teaching and learning. Technology in this sense compliments teaching and learning.
  • Technology promotes growth. Individual learning styles can find technology that matches their unique and individual styles.
  • Access is more than connectivity, access includes availability. A common platform is more than common technology.
We must re-think what technology does. We must re-think how technology is and should be used. No longer can technology be assumed to impact teaching and learning. We must change how we teach, we must acknowledge how students learn. Technology CAN change.

The questions are WHO can technology change? and WHEN does technology have the greatest potential for change?

1 comment:

Matt Townsley said...

Good questions. Another angle to consider is what and how the technology is being used (I think you alluded to this). So many of our tools today were not built specifically for educational use (think Twitter or Facebook), so it takes creativity and true innovation to match up technology, pedagogy and content in a way that truly transforms teaching and learning.

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