Friday, July 24, 2009

Technology in the classroom

Technology in the classroom must be more than an intrusion, a novelty item. Successful uses of laptops in the classroom must focus on contextually appropriate activities. Laptops must be used to challenge students to produce a higher quality product. Laptops must be used to heighten literacy skills, both technology literacy and information literacy.

Students are capable of using technology to extend the classroom. They are more confident in using technology than many faculty members. Technological applications should be used to reinforce workplace skills. Instructional uses of laptops should focus on providing opportunities to collaborate with other students. The greatest potential use of laptops provides opportunities for collaboration and communication. It is not the simulations, the tutorials, and the presentation software that provide an environment for students to work together. The technology is the environment that allows students to work together in ways that were never possible before the laptops became an integral part of the educational landscape.

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