Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Effective Teaching

Effective teaching is:
  • being prepared, and being flexible - knowing the curriculum, knowing the students and able to adapt and adopt the lesson as necessary. Technology can help organize the curriculum. Technology, specifically media, can provide a greater range of flexibility and possibilities.
  • focused on learning - creates an environment that celebrates learning as the process and not only the product. Through integrated technology, the focus can be on learning and the learners. Providing technology to address specific needs.
  • based on how students learn - responding to the unique perspectives and styles of the learner. Learning can be supplemented through a careful and deliberate use of technology.
  • student-centered - students are the focus for learning. The ubiquitous and pervasive presence of technology in the hands of students can reshape learning, and shift the focus from teaching to learning.
  • authentic - relevant, integrated experiences where knowledge is applied. Learning, as well as teaching, focuses on application, integration, and construction of new knowledge to new situations.
  • improving -creating change, whether permanent or transitional. Both teaching and learning address change in the individual, change in knowledge, skills, abilities, and so much more.
  • learning - a process, a continuum, a cycle. Through teaching, people learn. Through learning, people are taught.
  • creating opportunities - never ending, life long. Teaching should never be a means to an end. Teaching is change, is adaptation and more.
  • social change - empowering the learner. Teaching enriches the human spirit and empowers the learner and the teacher.

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