Sunday, August 02, 2009

Professional Development: An Evolving Definition

Professional development ...
  • is a way to meet colleagues with similar interests,
  • is focused on developing teaching abilities and interests,
  • provides immediate solutions to immediate problems,
  • answers questions by making me think,
  • improves my critical thinking skills,
  • makes me more reflective about my teaching and student learning,
  • is continual throughout the academic year,
  • is structured,
  • may be unstructured,
  • may be cohort-based,
  • may be small-group,
  • acknowledges what I know,
  • helps me identify what I need to know,
  • provides content knowledge and skills,
  • enables me to grow professionally,
  • models best practices,
  • increases my awareness of new and emerging technologies,
  • engages me in the process of professional development,
  • integrates technology,
  • is social,
  • is collaborative,
  • is transparent,
  • is relevant and is focused on topics for today's teaching and learning,
  • can be flexible and presented in different modalities and with different medium and media,
  • is current and updated,
  • is fun and exciting,
  • creates a sense of wonder in me as a participant and learner,
  • helps me learn,
  • provides me with appropriate resources for future success,
  • and continues to evolve.

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