Monday, August 10, 2009

Teaching 2.0 and beyond: New pedagogical characteristics

Teaching 2.0 and beyond
  • Uses curricular content in instructional context, builds on relevance of curriculum to life and relationship of life to curriculum
  • Focuses on relevant change or growth or reflection where evaluation is process driven, rather than product focused
  • Focuses on collaboration, networking and sharing for short term, midterm and long term
  • Focuses on information retrieval, information relevance and knowledge construction
  • Focuses on creation of new content, in new media, for new purposes
  • Is a professional or personal learning community (PLC) or network (PLN)
  • Is an environment that is immersive, participatory, social and collaborative
  • Blurs and blends the classroom space (virtual and bricks and mortar), roles and expectations
  • Is mobile, portable and not impacted by time, space and location
  • Recognizes and acknowledges that technology is becoming integrated into all aspects of life, truly ubiquitous, pervasive, transparent and mobile

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