Monday, September 14, 2009

My Top 10 Teaching and Learning Technologies for 2009-2010 (In no particular order)

  1. Twitter - - Micro-blogging web based application. Multiple client applications. (follow me on twitter at
  2. Twitpic - - Upload/send pictures via Twitter. Tag images. Comment on images. Web based application.
  3. Picasa - - Upload pictures. Create online photo or image albums.
  4. Google Reader – - RSS feed reader. Send feed items via email or Twitter. Comment and tag feed items.
  5. Google Documents – – Web based application. Word processor, Presentation Software, Spreadsheet, On-line Form creator. Create, share, upload, download forms.
  6. Firefox - - Web browser. Numerous “Add-ons” that can customize browser.
  7. Delicious – – Web based bookmark collector, aggregator. Tag bookmarks. (my bookmarks are at
  8. Evernote - - Web based application, client application. Organize notes, tag notes. Create virtual notebooks.
  9. Screenr - - Record, share, upload screen video recordings. Integrates with Twitter.
  10. TweetMic - - iPhone application for recording audio files. Upload audio files. Share with link via Twitter.

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