Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Using mobile technology to learn

Mobile technology is here. Portable technology is here. The availability of technology is no longer an impediment to teaching (or learning). Technology is no longer limited to this classroom, or that classroom. Prices for technology are dropping, and the power is increasing. So, how do we use technology to learn? How should we use mobile technology to learn? With this shift from non-mobile (stationary) technology to mobile technology has our approach to teaching changed ENOUGH? Do we realize that IF learning can occur ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, and ANYPLACE, teaching should also? The “traditional” classroom needs to be reexamined, and reshaped to reflect these technological shifts.

We need to adopt new technologies ourselves, to teach with, and to learn with. Technology has changed education, and education has changed technology – but have the same changes occurred in teaching? In learning? That’s the challenge for all of us – to use mobile technology to learn and to teach. Are we ready?

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