Sunday, October 11, 2009

Collaboration and technology

More and more opportunities exist to use technology. We see the growth of technology in teaching and learning. Technology to use anywhere, anytime, and a multitude of uses. The uses are widely determined by the user, or learner, the context (classroom) and the desired outcomes. The typical uses of technology are constantly changing and will continue to change.

How will we use these new technologies to collaborate? The technologies allow all types of content to be created, distributed and shared anywhere. User created content uses this wide variety of formats, whether digital audio, digital video or other media formats.

Can the content be used to collaborate? Or does the technology become the means for collaboration? I've seen dynamic content, I've used a range of technologies. Granted, there are certain technologies that promote or enhance collaboration. These are synchronous, or perhaps asynchronous, collaborative technologies.

We can share documents, some real-time, with others. Collaborate or communicate. Collaborate or co-create content. Are there other methods to collaborate or co-create? Does technology expedite the process?

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