Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Deep learning

Am I a deep learner? or do I just dance on the surface?

After thinking and reflecting on my personal learning styles, I think I am a deep learner. I am always seeking some connection between the present and past learning. Sometimes my connections are MY connections, and they don't make much or little sense to others. But, that's alright with me. Learning is personal. What I learn is as much affected by HOW I learn and WHY I choose to learn. As a deep learner, I am expanding my concept map - more connections, better meaning and understanding.

I am a constructivist in that I construct knowledge.

I learn from others, I learn in the company of others, I learn.

Deep learning is networked learning. Deep learning is learning in a social context. Deep learning is collaborative. Deep learning seeks to integrate all into one common experience.

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