Sunday, October 25, 2009

Defining faculty development

Professional development (RE)defined

Professional development may be scheduled or unscheduled. It may involve a small-group (8 or less), large group (12-25), or one-on-one. The size of the group influences the breadth and depth of content coverage.

Scheduled or organized professional development may address topics of an institutional nature. Organized professional development fosters networking, deliberate networking, and is characterized by breadth and DEPTH of reflection and interaction.

Unscheduled or "just-in-time" professional development is ideal for specific situations, or questions. Professional development of this type can provide hands-on use of technology, for example, in a specific classroom that the teacher uses. This type of professional development addresses immediate needs of the faculty with immediate answers. Building connections around a classroom issue, technological issue, or curricular issue, this professional development can deepen faculty awareness and experience.

Quality professional development will be defined as hands-on, student-centered, active, organized small group workshops focused on enhancing and improving classroom instruction, student engagement, building faculty learning communities and offering instructional strategies grounded in contemporary pedagogical theory. Faculty who are familiar with the topic may conduct or facilitate professional development workshops. Workshops may also be conducted or facilitated by others as well. Workshop participants will include faculty and adjunct faculty who are responsible for teaching. Each workshop will model best practices and provide strategies for implementation. Workshop size will be limited to permit the best interaction among participants.

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