Saturday, October 03, 2009

Delicious as a digital resource aggregator

Browsing the web. Adding bookmarks to this browser. Over time, I've built a long list of browser bookmarks. And, that's where the problem begins. Enter an application to make browsing the web and saving bookmarks easier.

Delicious is a social bookmarking application. Find a web page and "tag" the page. Tagging is the strength of delicious. Tagging allows me to search my bookmarks, group them by a particular tag. I can "bundle" different tags together and collect or aggregate them together. And, with the pages having multiple tags, it's possible to aggregate them differently, based on different criteria.

Sharing tags or bookmarks is easy. By adding individuals to my "network" their bookmarks are available. I can use and integrate their tags into my folksonomy or add my own tags. With the Firefox plug-in for delicious, adding bookmarks is easy. The web based application for delicious lets me access my bookmarks from any browser.

Never again do I have to search through a long scrolling list of bookmarks. Delicious lets me collect my digital web based resources.

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