Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gathering and Sharing Digital Assets with Web 2.0 Tools

Delicious, Diigo and Shareaholic. Three web applications. Using them to tag, classify, annotate, and share (or push) can make online research - or information gathering - easier to do. Granted, there may be some overlap between the services, but each has a distinct role. Using the plug-ins for the Firefox web browser makes each flexible and robust.

I've used Delicious more, probably, to gather and annotate URL's. My delicious account ( is growing. I use this to collect and share URL's (or web or digital assets) in professional development workshops. I don't have to worry about my bookmarks being "stale" as my delicious tags and bundles continue to grow.

Shareaholic is just a multi-application application. Find a URL and send it to many places, Twitter, email, Delicious, FriendFeed and MORE. Simple and easy to use. I use this to send URL's to email addresses and Twitter, FriendFeed for example.

I'm starting to use Diigo a bit more. The Firefox toolbar makes this easier.

How do I manage the avalanche of digital data, and find things? Delicious. How do I share things immediately via Twitter, email, FriendFeed and others? Shareaholic.

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