Sunday, October 18, 2009

My blogging statement

I started this month with a list of 30 topics. Blog-worthy topics. Topics ranging from technology, to pedagogy, to teaching, to learning and professional development were on the list. I have written about 16 topics so far. And, my list has continued to grow. The list is now at 46 topics.

My blog is my reflective space ... thoughts and ideas ... it's where I talk about an idea. This is my professional journaling space. This blog is in it's third year. And, attempting to define or discuss effective teaching, quality instruction and professional development is truly a blog-worthy topic.

Blogging daily has presented a unique set of challenges. Several days were long, and travelling ... posting on that particular day was delayed, but still accomplished. Creating the list of topics gave me structure. Writing or blogging about the topics has let me communicate ideas. Blogging daily has provided me opportunities to think, to reflect, to communicate, to share and to continue to define effective teaching, quality instruction, professional development and technological perspectives for each.

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