Monday, October 19, 2009


Netbooks, NOT notebooks, NOT laptops. A small, portable and powerful machine. Easy to carry and lightweight. It seems like they are dropping in price EVERY time I look. They can run current versions of Windows XP and Vista, Office XP and 2007. Solid state hard drives. Web cameras. Long battery life.

The netbook is a powerful piece of technology. Having a portable computer in the hands of students can greatly impact teaching and learning. The 1:1 Laptop issues, one per child, should make us all reconsider the role of technology in the classroom. How would the landscape change if all students had access to technology? If that same technology were portable? If the technology were AS powerful as a desktop machine?

Technology is changing. Technology is changing teaching and learning. First we used desktops, then laptops, then notebooks ... changes in technology have now given us the netbook. Can the netbook work for everyone? for every subject? for every student? for every teacher? If the topics were laptops, or desktops, would the questions be the same? would the answers be the same?

What's the difference?

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