Tuesday, October 06, 2009

So, why use social media?

So, how would you answer? Because the students are ... because it lets me use my new [fill in the name of your favorite technology].

What if our answer was ... because I can connect with ... to grow professionally ... to find out what's going on [out there] ... because technology is changing ... to respond to the students ... to teach deeper ... to learn more.

Why do I use social media? No matter where I am [ok, depending on the strength of the nearest or most accessible cell tower] I can connect. In the world where technology continues to change and evolve I can stay up WITH technology, or be left behind. I can quickly [relatively speaking] find the recent trend in teaching and learning, in professional development or educational technology.

Why do I use social media? It brings the world into a smaller community, where time and distance are NOT obstacles or impediments.

How do I use social media? It depends ... really ... and continues to evolve.

So, why do or don't YOU use social media?

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