Friday, October 02, 2009

Social learning or learning socially with social media

Social media has grown (and continues to grow) in use. We find ourselves "connected" and "connecting" to our groups. The real questions is, "How do we use social media in teaching and learning?"

Social media provides me access, instant access, to a community of experts. I ask a question, and almost instantaneously, I have an answer. Then another, and another, and someone repeats or restates my question. The circle of discussion cycles, and recycles. Social media provides me a venue, a mechanism to learn socially (with my community).

Social media provides me opportunities to learn, to engage, to connect with a larger group. Outside of those I come in contact with daily, or with some degree of regularity - how do I connect with a larger group? Social media connects me with the larger body of learners, and through interactions with the members, I engage in social learning (in the company of others).

How do I use social media? To learn. To teach. To connect - and more.

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Suzanna B. Stinnett said...

I'm realizing that use of Twitter tends to divert energy away from actually commenting on sites. I look forward to the rest of your series and thank you for bringing out this information in such an accessible way. You are helping make my job easier: Explaining to newer users what this is all about. Thank you!
Suzanna Stinnett
@brainmaker on Twitter

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