Monday, October 26, 2009

Technology use and integration

So, how much technology should be used? Do I need to use technology when I teach?

Two questions that always seem to be asked. The more I think about the questions, the more I find different answers. We always rush to embrace the latest technologies, and sometimes we are successful, sometimes we are not as successful as we would like to be. I've always felt and believed that technology is not a primary part of teaching OR learning. Technologies always look enticing. But, do they REALLY improve teaching and learning?

The act, or art, or science of teaching and learning involves, first and foremost, a teacher and student - people. They must communicate, negotiate, collaborate, question and answer. Granted, technology MAY play a role, but the act of teaching starts with people.

Technology should be an asset to help, to facilitate, to manage - to process learning. Technology can help in the processing, the presentation or the delivery of learning content. Technology can NOT teach or learn - it helps, it assists, it supplements the process.

So, the questions still are (1) does technology HAVE to be used? (2) does technology improve teaching? learning? It still depends. There are no absolutes - only more questions.

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Matt Townsley said...

What is your definition of "technology"? If it's a very broad definition including pencil, paper, chairs and tables, then the answer is a resounding "yes! technology is necessary to learning."

How would you define technology?

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