Saturday, October 31, 2009

Traditional technologies

Long before the computer, long before the smart telephone ... we learned. We learned by reading books. We learned by taking notes (on index cards, notebook paper, or spiral bound notebooks). We learned to write papers (long hand). We used typewriters (some manual, some electric). We didn't think of this as technology - it was supplies, it was expected that we would have this in our book bags.

So, does THIS technology still have a role in education? in the digital age? There is still something to be said about the tactile roles in learning - paper and pencils/pens fill this role. We can USE digital technologies to make this easier, more efficient, faster ... but putting pencil to paper still has worth.

Paperless? Digital? Parts of teaching and learning might be ... but there is still the need for paper and pencil.

1 comment:

Ify said...

Even though the world is pushing to go paperless, i believe pen and pencil is here to stay. Agreed that technology does make our lives easlier, but at what expense. You have cyber thieves and hackers to deal with. How safe is the cyberspace?

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