Thursday, October 22, 2009


Through a Twitter contact, I was able to "watch" a conference presentation using Twitcam. A link in Twitter sent me to Twitcam, and presto - I was watching and listening to a presentation. Live, streaming video and audio, right to my desktop. AND, it was archived for viewing later.

Set up the webcam, log into twitter, press broadcast - THAT'S IT! (And, twitter will tweet the URL for anyone to view.)

The video is only what the camera is focused on - in the case of a presenter, that was all I saw. Can't see the "screen" or audience. BUT, there is an embedded chat window. I was able to ask questions in real time, and hear the answers.

Possibilities? Yes. Limitations? Depends on what you call or label a limitation. But it is something worth looking into. And remember - what is recorded is there FOREVER in the digital archives of the world. Remember your digital footprint!

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