Monday, October 05, 2009

Twitter as a collaborative tool

How do you work with others? with others who are physical near? with others who are geographically dispersed? There's really no need to claim "it CAN'T be done" with the real time applications that are available. Twitter is my application of choice. I use Twitter on a PC, a MAC and my iPhone. Granted, the application is TWITTER, but there are a myriad of others. Whether TweetDeck, Twhirl, or something else - all applications function in the same CONTEXT.

As of NOW, I am following 823 people, and have 857 following me. Some come and go, and the numbers ebb and flow. But THEY are my collaboratory ... my group of experts ... my sounding board. From Australia to Indonesia to Long Island and the United Kingdom (and other points in between) they are the ones I can ask a question of, and get multiple answers. They help ME as much as I help THEM.

We collaborate on the exchange of ideas, of thoughts ... needing clarification, explanation and sometimes refinement. Though we are separated by time (time zones) and distance, our collaboratory is the without boundaries, without walls - it is here and now. (Collaboratory - see Wikipedia)

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