Thursday, October 01, 2009

Using digital assets in teaching and learning

The availability of digital assets has changed the landscape of teaching and learning. With digital films or movies, audio files, podcasts, vodcasts, streaming audio and streaming video online learning is enriched. No longer a text-based course, a digitally enhanced course has the variety needed for all types of learners.

The same digital assets have the ability to extend, enhance and enrich teaching. Assets to explain and exemplify the most complex instructional concept are available. Digital assets are contemporary. They can be updated almost instantaneously. As teaching changes, the curricular material used in teaching should change also - from printed assets to digital assets.

Digital assets also support anywhere, anytime, anyplace learning AND teaching. Learning and teaching can occur without a physical space. Imagine accessing MORE assets - as they are needed.

Digital assets should be used more - teaching and learning today and tomorrow demand it and depend on it for success.

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Suzanna B. Stinnett said...

(Sorry I called you Peter on the other comment) - I think this is an important road for us to travel as we consider how and why we use social media. In the classes I teach, my mostly-boomer audiences are concerned about the deterioration of education. I think we can have a tremendous impact on the quality of education by participating in social media as experienced, mature adults with a great deal to share. This is one of the values I express in helping people understand why - why blogging, why Twitter, why learn new media.
Thank you for contributing to this important articulation.
Suzanna Stinnett

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