Sunday, October 04, 2009

Using Google Reader to gather and sort information

How do you sort through all of the information? How do you find a way to digest all the available information on the web? Google Reader is the web application that takes my rss feeds, and organizes them. I can add "subscriptions" to Google Reader and "tag" individual feed items. I can sort and quickly locate rss feed items.

One feature that lets me integrate Google Reader with other applications is "SEND TO." If I find an interesting article, I can share the article with Twitter, FriendFeed (and other applications) simply. Google Reader collects feeds, and can push or share them with other applications. Readtwit ( will pull the URL's from my twitter account and collect them as a separate feed in Google Reader.

The more I find, the more I have to read - but there isn't more time. Google Reader helps me organize my feeds, and Readtwit feeds URLs from Twitter to Google Reader. My rss feeds are organized. Order and organization through technology.

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