Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Why Google Documents?

Google Documents is fast becoming a web application of choice for me. Google Documents is a spreadsheet, word processor, presentation software - and an online form generator. Individuals can collaborate - documents have owners, and are shared. Real time collaboration. With the word processor, simple formatting is available - in an interface that is intuitive. See for more information. I can embed Google Documents in websites and reduce concerns over document versions. Google Docs tracks versions and lets the document roll back to a previous version.

Documents created with Microsoft Office can be uploaded to Google Documents. Granted, there are size limitations, but this web based application is an alternative to flash drives or other storage devices. My delicious urls for Google Docs
The ability to track changes in the word processor, collaborate with individuals, control access save, print and export documents makes Google Docs an ideal tool for collaboration.

The presentation software is similar to Microsoft PowerPoint. Presentations can be viewed online, by multiple individuals from multiple sites. To see an example of a presentation, visit

A Google account and a computer - that's all you need. No need for a printer! Collaborate, share and store in the Google Documents environment. There's probably more, and I'll continue to use Google Documents and explore.


agentv said...

You got it in one! Thanks for spreading the word so that other educators can take advantage of this great tool set.


Don Erwin said...

Big fan of Google Docs, especially for the ability to create forms. I've been using Google Sites to publish Google Docs and upload MS docs as well. Google Docs and Sites together are a powerful combination. Ex: Using Sites for all my MBA work. Could imagine a student using it as a way to keep a portfolio of work throughout his or her academic career to share with others.

-Don, Buffalo

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