Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dangerous innovations

Innovation, like change, can be difficult. Innovation is never (or should never) be easy. Innovations should be uncomfortable, because they require us to think or act differently. Innovations are dangerous when they cause the larger group to change. People may be resistant to change.

Think of the first time you saw a COMPUTER. ... Now, think of the first time you saw the computer in a CLASSROOM.

"Computers in the classroom! What are they thinking? They'll never work. Who will keep them working? I don't have time to learn COMPUTERS!"

But, look at us now. We are computer literate. We are using computers - technology - to improve teaching, to facilitate learning. We keep searching for easier, more intuitive software applications to use. And, we find answers. And, more questions. And more answers.

How upset would you be if they were to take all of the computers out of the room? How upset would your students be? Could you still teach? Would they still learn?

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower - Steve Jobs

Be an  innovative leader, be an innovative educator, take a chance ... make a difference!

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