Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Twitter and Teaching and Learning

There's been a lot mentioned about twitter in the past couple of weeks. (Follow me at and it has gotten me thinking more and more about some of the newer applications. Granted, 140 characters seems like a little ... but wouldn't it be ideal to focus writing in 140 characters? Ask a question in 140 characters? Make a point in 140 characters?

Could the whole idea of communication in micro-bursts (or micro-blogging) focus more on the content of the message? And, using hashtags ... could this be one method to sort and search with a greater sense of accuracy? I have located over 70 URL's focused on Twitter ... they are grouped into twitter-tools, twitter-tips, twitter-plug-ins (browser based) and twitter-pedagogy. (

How would twitter be used? To communicate with students, to answer questions. Using hashtags to allow for quick and easy searching can help both teachers and students.

One key, in my opinion, is using twitter. New technology means new learning and change of technological habits - deliberate use of the technology. We all use and learn to use technology.

Where is twitter going? If we find new ways to use it, twitter becomes a means to foster engagement and learning. (113 characters)

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Technology, Community, Faculty Development and Students

What impact does or should technology have on teaching and learning? While that question may provoke a deeper question of "What should the role of technology be in teaching and learning" it is still an important question. Is technology merely a tool, a means to the ends of education (learning), or is it more? Does technology facilitate change?

For faculty who choose to use technology, is all technology of equal importance? Do the faculty members have the necessary development (professionally and technologically) to use technology effectively, efficiently and effortlessly?

No answers yet, but at least the questions have been asked ...
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