Thursday, January 21, 2010

All or nothing, or something in between

Multi-tasking, or doing more than I should be doing. Hohlbaum said it wonderfully "Multitasking hacks at our positive relationship with time, putting us back into the hamster wheel of fear and lack" (Hohlbaum, 2009, p. 33). We know we can "TRY" to do many things at the same time (which, the more I think about, it is IMPOSSIBLE to do two things at once), and we have some sense of success.

The hypnotic trance of technology ... BE EFFICIENT, BE PRODUCTIVE ... takes out of our ability to things or a THING WELL. "Remember: when a window closes, opportunity knocks at your door" (Hohlbaum, 2009, p. 34). The best way I have found to TAME the TECHNOLOGY TIGER is to ... talk to someone, go to their office ... instead of instantly responding to the email I will pick up the phone and CALL them. That provides the HUMAN TOUCH, the connection.

Laugh. Smile. I truly enjoy a good meal, and the conversation that accompanies the meal. Taking my time, enjoying the meal (even deciding on the occasional piece of pie for dessert) and talking, listening ... that can be the BEST way to relax, and not think of things, or think of things slowly.

I'd guess that I am a reformed multi-tasker. Now, one task can blend into the next instead of compete with the others.

HohlBaum, C. (2009). The power of slow: 101 ways to save time in our 24/7 world. New York, NY: St. Martin's Press.

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John said...

This reminds me of my work trips to Europe and to some extent Canada. When Europeans go out to eat, it is about a lot more than consuming food. It is about the experience and the company you are with. In this country, it is about consuming food and sometimes it is like a contest to see who can consume the most or the fastest. It is my guess that Golden Corral will never make it in Europe.

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