Saturday, January 23, 2010

A course is a course of course

A course is a course, right?
  • Classroom instruction, traditional courses
  • Online courses, or distance education courses
  • Video delivered courses, two-way video courses
  • Blended courses or hybrid courses
  • Correspondence courses
  • Self-study courses
They're the same, right? We teach them differently, student expectations differ, and technological requirements are different. So, a course is a course, but it depends, right?


Ryan said...

If you interpret a course as a 'learning experience" then of course they are different. Each learning experience requires different methods and technology, but there is still a valuable takeaway.

John said...

I think you left out an important aspect. In some cases, the outcomes are required to be identical no mater where or how the content is delivered. Is this reasonable?

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