Sunday, January 10, 2010

Libraries, the digital revolution, and information processing

There's been a slight resurgence within SoMe (Social Media) lamenting the death (or impending demise) of the library. I believe that the library will endure. Though technology will continue to grow and transform our concept of data or information, the library will endure.

We've gone to the libraries for books, newspapers, and magazines. Now, we go to libraries to learn, to meet, to share. Libraries are now a "learning space" where we go to learn. They supplement the classroom, they provide alternative spaces for learning, for collaboration, for community.

Library services have grown and expanded. Promoting digital literacy, assisting in digital searches, determining the value and worth of dynamic digital resources are a few of the new skills we go to the library to learn.

The demise of the book, and the library, is somewhat premature.

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