Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sunset and branches and the PLN

Sunset and branches
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Sunsets in winter help us see the true expanse of a tree. This is a big tree, a really, really REALLY big tree. Hard to see the branches in the Spring, Summer or even early Fall. But now, in the Winter the branches become visible. The branches show how the tree has grown. The sunset helps the branches, even the smaller ones, become visible.

And, this is like the PLN. Sometimes it's difficult to see how far the PLN stretches. I know the connections are there, all of the connections help strengthen the PLN.

So, here's to the strength of the PLN.

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Anonymous said...

I love trees in the winter. They are true artwork to me. But what is a PLN? Maybe I didn't read far enough but couldn't find a matching phrases for this acronym.

BTW, I feel the same way about my collection of pens, far too many but hard to part with. Just threw two away last night as I was trying to jot down a quick note. Felt good to throw them away.
Sharon Class of 71 VU

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