Saturday, February 06, 2010

Concept maps, outlines and doodles

So, how many outlines have been created this week? What does an outline "DO" for the student?

I've started doing some thinking about outlines. For me, there are times when an outline is my first step to writing. An outline helps provide structure and organization.

A concept map (or mind map) can help me organize my thoughts. There are a number of web-based applications for concept map creation, some free, some for a fee. But they all provide access to a web-based, web-created map.

I watch how people take notes. Some will write notes in an outline format. Some will draw arrows, diagrams.

Is one method better than another? I'm not quite sure. I've used all three separately, and collectively. The outline (in paper form) is more static, than the fluid and dynamically shifting web-based concept map.  And then, there's always the napkin doodle. I can easily move from one form to another, depending on the availability of technology.

For me, the goal is to promote brainstorming, and organization. The method is flexible.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent read. This is a very important topic, Professor.

Students at every grade level struggles with organization and it is a skill that is necessary across all disciplines (for reading, study of subject matter and writing). Therefore, having options is essential to achievement.

As always, thanks for raising the bar on teaching and learning.


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