Monday, May 17, 2010

Comments and thoughts on technology and education

Technology can be overwhelming. Too much, too complex, too fast.

Take time to explore technology. This personal exploration is the start for any journey, for any adventure. See what is available for you to use.

Find resources, find tools that look interesting. Try and extend your own technological abilities. Ask yourself "How does it work?"

Connect with others. Connect your exploration and discovery to practice. Connect with others locally and globally. Connect to learn, to grow, to share.

Reflect. Take time to stop, pause and reflect, critically reflect. See if the exploration has improved learning. Has your discovery improved teaching? Is this new technology sustainable for you? Does this technology improve teaching and learning?

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Michael C. Johnson said...

Nice post. Other questions you might consider: Do those in the field use this technology as part of their practice? Does this technology support/facilitate life-long learning?

For more considerations, readers who are not familiar with the TPACK model of technology integration might want to look here:

Learn English abroad said...

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