Monday, November 01, 2010

Strategic thoughts about technology

Technology requires a shift or change in the culture. The notion of a common digital device takes on even more significance. The common device, the personal device, is multitouch, allowing users to quickly, seamlessly, and effortlessly move through content. The device, the pen based input device provides users the ability to take notes, annotate content and create graphical content.

Technology enhances the learning environment, and should not disrupt the learning environment. A small, powerful, portable and pen based device becomes the device that naturally compliments learning. This device is a natural fit for learning, and is seen as a natural extension. It is intuitive and does not disrupt.

Technology requires a change or shift in teaching. As the common digital devices become more transparent, they are used in all classes. As the devices become more powerful, teaching needs to push the boundaries to meet the power the devices offer. A pen based device provides a greater force for change. This new digital device combines traditional and contemporary elements of teaching and learning.

Technology can reshape, reform, and transform the individual aspects of learning and teaching. As technology continues to evolve it is more important to view the uses of technology rather than the specific technologies. This is mobile, portable, powerful and personal technology.

Remembering that technology is a device, a tool, a mechanism, a personalized and personal part in the learning process. The device should be powerful enough to accomplish any instructional task. The device should support the display, creation and sharing of multimedia.

Technology will never improve learning, but provide access to divergent ways of thinking due in part to the multimedia or different media that may be used.

The growth of technology should not be seen as a limiter in the educational process, but an opportunity to grow, to engage, to reflect, to think, to problem solve and to heighten and refine collaborative and communicative skills.

Technology strategically deployed can continually reform and transform education. The availability of a common device, a common pen based device, can radically change the landscape for learners and teachers alike.

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