Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The times and the talk aren't changing, much

More talk about changing the school calendar for public schools. The premise is if students are in school longer, they will score higher on the state standardized test AND not loose what they learned in the regular school year. Add to this the renewed discussions about teacher quality, teacher preparation, and the "need" for real reform, it is no wonder people perceive discord in the hallowed halls of education.

We need to remember that the act of learning hasn't changed much. Granted, technology has given us access to a wider array of tools. These tools may deepen and enrich learning. They may provide access to a wide variety of sources and resources that were previously unavailable or were limited in their availability. But the technology has not "changed" learning, it has expanded opportunities to learn. Technology has shifted the physical place of learning from a classroom to a bench, to a park.

There are so many voices clamoring for change it can be difficult to listen. We may need to change, we may need reform. But we may really need to understand that learners, or students, will always and forever be asking questions. It is our job, our duty, our mission to help them as they search for an answer.

Change is a part of life. The act of learning may not change, it evolves, it is always adapting to other changes around. The WHAT of learning changes. The HOW of learning changes as technology changes.

But, the WHY of learning is so intimately personal that we cannot change that. We respond, we react, we engage, we enrich, we empower ... we learn, and we teach.

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