Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Brookfield's Four Lenses and Technology, Part 2

Stephen Brookfield's "Becoming a Critically Reflective Teacher" (1995) speaks of four lenses that "illuminates a different part of our teaching" (p. 28). Looking at each of these lenses in technological terms may shift the lens just a little.

The second lens is "our students' eyes" (Brookfield, 1995, p. 30). Simply "Google" yourself and quickly see what is out there. How our students perceive us online reflects our technological competence. Use an old or older technology, and quickly learn how it DOESN'T work. Program compatibility is another competency to learn.

Do we use technology to actively solicit student feedback? Are we sufficiently conversant with the wide range of social media applications to connect with students where ever they are?

To truly look at ourself as a student, we must be willing to give AND receive criticism. Providing feedback, with technology, is instantaneous. Technology can extend a dialogue, and make it deeper and incorporate more media resources than a dialogue without technology. Asynchronous as well as synchronous communication is enhanced with technology.

The student lens can be enhanced and refined with technology. Students learn and live with technology. Technology is portable, integrated into all aspects of learning and living.

Brookfield, S. (1995). Becoming a critically reflective teacher. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

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