Thursday, April 28, 2011

Looking forward

"Books are a constant and natural part of the student's environment" (Johnson, 1939, p. 115).

It is important to read. Books. I am a self-confessed book person. Holding a book, turning the pages are all part of the pre-digital age. Now, books are available anywhere. Anywhere the wifi signal is strong I can read a book. The growing variety of ereaders makes it possible to read anywhere.

Books are a part of life.

There was a time when proximity to books and libraries was necessary. Now, with digital proximity, the opportunity to read improves. The digital library is filled with more volumes than ever before. The physical library provides access to books not available through the digital library. The digital library provides virtual access to those at a distance. Both the physical library and the digital library provide books to a much larger audience of patrons.

Digital books meet the needs of digital patrons.

Digital books are available regardless of location (provided the WiFi or broadband signal is strong enough). Digital books provide immediate access to teaching and learning resources.

Integrating digital books into social media applications increases the awareness of the digital resources. As more resources become available the need for social media increases.

Access to books is not limited with digital books. Anywhere, anytime, with many devices. Digital books engage learners immediately.

Johnson, B. L. (1939). Vitalizing a college library. Chicago, IL.: American Library Association.

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