Thursday, June 09, 2011

Professional development topics

  1. [GOOGLE APPS] Using Google Tasks to brainstorm project ideas #profdev
  2. [GOOGLE APPS] Using Google Documents for journaling #profdev
  3. [GOOGLE APPS] Using Google Reader to find, sort, bundle and share resources #profdev
  4. [GOOGLE APPS] News of the world with Google News, tagging and sharing news #profdev
  5. [GOOGLE APPS] Simple searching with Google, for text, images and more #profdev
  6. [GOOGLE APPS] Google Moderator: the start of critical thinking #profdev
  7. [GOOGLE APPS] Using Google Chrome #profdev
  8. [GOOGLE APPS] Google Alerts, finding new content #profdev
  9. [GOOGLE APPS] All about RSS feeds and subscriptions #profdev
  10. [VIDEO, AUDIO AND MEDIA] Using to create faculty development videos #profdev
  11. [VIDEO, AUDIO AND MEDIA] Creating presence with audio files (iPadio, TweetMic) #profdev
  12. [DIGITAL NOTE TAKING] Digital notebooks and Evernote #profdev
  13. [DIGITAL NOTE TAKING] Springpad and note taking, from anywhere #profdev
  14. [iPad and iPhone] Becoming mobile with an iPad #profdev
  15. [iPad and iPhone] Using the iPhone and iPad to engage learning #profdev
  16. [PURE PEDAGOGY] Critical thinking and technology, how to be mobile #profdev
  17. [PURE PEDAGOGY] Teaching digital students as a digital teacher in a digital classroom #profdev
  18. [CONCEPT MAPPING AND PRESENTATION SOFTWARE] Using web based concept maps to engage students #profdev
  19. [CONCEPT MAPPING AND PRESENTATION SOFTWARE] Prezi and presentations #profdev
  20. [TECHNOLOGY TOPICS] Finding resources on the fly and sharing them with shareaholic #profdev
  21. [TECHNOLOGY TOPICS] Developing a personal taxonomy of technology and active learning #profdev
  22. [TECHNOLOGY TOPICS] Using technology to create a learner centered environment #profdev
  23. [TECHNOLOGY TOPICS] Paperless and dynamic, using the cloud in teaching and learning #profdev
  24. [CONNECTING] Using Skype to engage students #profdev
  25. [BLOGGING AND MICROBLOGGING] Mobile blogging with Wordpress #profdev
  26. [BLOGGING AND MICROBLOGGING] Really simple microblogging with Posterous #profdev
  27. [BLOGGING AND MICROBLOGGING] Using Twitter to connect with a worldwide group of experts #profdev
  28. [ASSESSMENT, EVALUATION AND IMPROVEMENT] Rubrics that improve learning #profdev
  29. [ASSESSMENT, EVALUATION AND IMPROVEMENT] Rubrics that improve teaching #profdev
  30. [ASSESSMENT, EVALUATION AND IMPROVEMENT] Clickers and assessment of learning #profdev

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