Wednesday, June 08, 2011

What does it mean to be

What does it mean to be:

  • A DIGITAL LEARNER – “plugged in” and connected, always on [Google “what is a digital learner” ] [How do teaching and learning styles change?] [ISTE NETS-S]
    • A digital learner wants media, multimedia, audio, video and images
    • A digital learner seeks to integrate media into “school” and “life”
    • A digital learner works within a circle of friends
    • A digital learner uses social media to connect, find resources, and interact (ask and answer questions)
    • A digital learner uses MORE technology to accomplish tasks
    • A digital learner uses technology DIFFERENTLY to accomplish tasks
    • A digital learner multi-tasks with multiple technologies or applications
    • A digital learner is a social learner
    • A digital learner is an active learner
    • A digital learner is a consumer, producer and creator of learning, and learning resources
    • A digital learner is learner focused and learning centered
  • A DIGITAL TEACHER – integrates technology to enhance learning and engage learners [Google “what is a digital teacher”] [How do teaching and learning styles change?] [ISTE NETS-T]
    • A digital teacher uses technology to extend, expand, and enrich learning
    • A digital teacher provides multimedia to explore “lecture” topics
    • A digital teacher connects with students through technology
    • A digital teacher provides or creates technological alternatives
    • A digital teacher creates a social space for learning
    • A digital teacher uses and participates in social learning
    • A digital teacher is learning focused and learning centered
  • In a DIGITAL CLASSROOM? – learning occurs anywhere, anytime, and anyplace. There is a “new” mindset of MOBILE learning, that follows us, or travels with us where ever we may go. [Google “what is a digital classroom”]
    • A digital classroom is dynamic
    • A digital classroom supports collaboration, locally as well as globally
    • A digital classroom encourages inquiry
    • A digital classroom provides access to technology
    • A digital classroom can be easily reconfigured
    • A digital classroom is more of an environment or space than a fixed classroom
    • A digital classroom supports and encourages social learning
    • A digital classroom is learner centered


Alex Ortiz said...

I guess an argument can be made that most of this generation's members are already digital learners, the web and technology are part of every day's life, no longer an item relegated to just the "techie" types. But, what we are missing are more digital classrooms, at least effective ones, online learning environments are needed to match the needs of digital learners, specially when it comes to speed, interactivity and integration of technologies. I have been using as a digital classroom for some time and I believe technologies like this are the ones needed to meet today's requirements. Not only in academic settings but also in the workplace web based training software is quickly becoming an every day tool to keep the skills up to date and to get new people up to speed.

addypotter said...

Just found your blog and I think it is great. I am second grade teacher and am always out searching for professional development for teachers. I will definitely be bookmarking your site. I think it is so great to see teachers incorporate technology into their classrooms.

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