Monday, May 02, 2011

Technology topics on the horizon, near and far

So, what technologies are looming on the horizon?

More and more references are being made to cloud computing. Using Dropbox to access and share files is easier than a flash drive. I can access my Dropbox from any computer, my iPhone 3GS, and my iPad.

I still find uses for Wordle. It is easy to take a document, and quickly produce a word cloud.

Prezi is a non-linear presentation software. More than simply clicking through slides, Prezi supports ANY sort of path through slides, and zooming in or out. Visually, very different.

Google Bundles. Using Google Reader, I can create a bundle from my RSS feeds. The Bundle can be any topic, but the topic originates from my Google Reader feed. Bundles can be shared.

Google Forms. Easy application to gather data, poll responses and assess knowledge. Simple. Web-deployable form.

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